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Your First Visit

Spend some time thinking about what you would like to achieve from your acupuncture treatment.  If you have several conditions or symptoms you would like to address, rank them by priority.  On your first visit to the clinic, you will be asked primarily about your chief complaint.  Secondary issues will also be noted and addressed as the treatment progresses.

Visit Preparation -

The following suggestions are provided to help you have a safe and relaxing experience with acupuncture.
    •    Eat a light meal 2 hours prior to your visit.
    •    Avoid alcohol and coffee on the day of your treatment.
    •    Do not brush your tongue 24-48 hours prior to treatment.       
          The tongue  coat is essential diagnostic tool in Chinese medicine.
    •    Avoid heavy exertion immediately before and after treatment
    •    Set aside enough time so that you are not rushing to and from your visit.
    •    Wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be rolled up to your elbows or

What to Expect
Your first visit will begin with an in depth assessment of your condition and an initial treatment.  Generally, the intake and treatment may take up to 1 ½ hour.  Typical treatments afterwards last approximately 1 hour.

During the assessment, I may ask you about some things that you might not think are connected to your chief complaint (ie your emotions, sleeping patterns, bodily functions) these symptoms will show me patterns of disharmony.

Treatment Course -

Since individuals vary, it is difficult to state definitively at the time of your first visit how many treatments will be required.
The ideal approach to illness is to begin treatment as soon as possible.  The sooner you seek help, the easier it is to treat.  For longstanding illnesses, weekly treatments may be required for several months in order to have a curative effect.

Once you initiate a healing process, it is important to follow through on treatments.  The more consistent you are, the better the likelihood of results.  The effects of acupuncture tend to be cumulative.

After you are feeling better, I will likely recommend an additional few treatments.  The goal of these "maintenance" treatments is to further strengthen your body to prevent the reoccurrence of the illness.
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