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-I started going to Willow Tree Acupuncture 1 year ago.  I have spondylolisthesis at my lumbar and sacrum.  I was having chronic pain and instability due to the disease. It was to the point that I needed surgery or prolotherapy injections to stabilize my back. I was not eager for surgery and the injections were expensive, not covered by insurance and only effective 50% of the time.  I saw an ad for Willow Tree Acupuncture and decided to give it a try.  Almost immediately after the first treatment I felt a significant difference and over the next few days i continued to feel better.  Now I rarely need to go to the chiropractor, and my back is in good shape.  Jesse has also done some cupping and treated several other issues for me. I find acupuncture to be an essential part of my health. I would not have believed it would be so effective if I didn't try it for my self.  The office is a quiet and comfortable environment & Jesse has a lot of knowledge in Chinese medicine and herbs. -A

-I firmly believe Jesse's expertise in acupuncture has gifted us with our two children. I contacted her for help during our first IVF cycle. I had received not great news from an ultrasound. One of the follicles was growing too quickly, jeopardizing the entire cycle. Jessie's calm presence, acupuncture treatment, and advice with herbs and teas led to a very successful retrieval. I know acupuncture helped the lining to sustain the embryos that are now our two boys. We will forever be in gratitude for her and Chinese medicine. -N

-Jesse is an absolute pro!  Every time I go to her, I leave feeling my body relaxed and my spirits higher.  She is very knowledgeable, kind, and genuinely listens to her patients needs.  I love her and wouldn't recommend anyone else!

-Amazing cupping massage! Can't wait for my next appointment! So professional with amazing energy and healing...thank you! -L

-I have been seeing Jesse for more than a year after I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and after treatments I can only say I wish I had found her sooner!  I chose not to take the "conventional medicine" approach due to the numerous side effects and while I watch my diet, I can honestly say that acupuncture has absolutely saved me from a life-sentence of constant, all-over debilitating pain.  I typically visit Jesse once or twice a month, depending on my pain level.  Although I initially found Jesse when I was in a deep "Fibro-flare" she not only effectively got me out of that cycle, but with continued treatments, I have not only managed my pain, but have not fallen back into a flare-up which in my world, is HUGE!  I would recommend Jesse to anyone, she is absolutely fantastic.  I can't say enough good things about all that she has done for me!  -B

-I was a person that only believed in Western medicine. But falling thirteen feet onto concrete can change that. I sustained fractures to my skull, scapula, clavicle, ribs, jaw, and many other places. Despite heavy narcotic medication I was in constant, horrific pain for weeks. The only relief I was able to obtain during that awful time was during acupuncture treatments. Thank you! Thank you! I now recommend acupuncture treatment to anyone looking for pain relief. -T

-This Acupuncture really works great...Would recommend it to anyone....Saved me  -M

-Long term allergy and sinus problems had me taking daily antihistamines for
years, and often daily decongestants and nasal sprays too.  Recurring sinus
infections made me miserable.  Several bad reactions to antibiotics made me
more than ready to try another path.  I stopped taking any allergy pills or
decongestants after about two weeks of acupuncture treatment.   After
completing ten sessions, things are going great and I haven't been back to
the prescription or over the counter drugs.  It's about ten weeks and
counting!  I'd highly recommend Willow Tree to anyone with allergy or sinus
concerns. -C

-I was suffering from a muscle/ligament tear in my back from lifting weights and the pain was excruciating in the mornings.  After seeing a chiropractors for weeks with no results and a lot of sleepless nights I decided to contact Jesse in search of an alternative option.  After one acupuncture session the pain was manageable and I could sleep better.  After the next session I was pain free and able to go back to light workouts.  I am now trying cupping and acupuncture for maintenance and feel wonderful!  I have referred my sister and friends to go and would recommend anyone living in pain to try Willow Tree Acupuncture.  I am truly convinced Jesse and her methods of Chinese medicine are a gift that everyone looking for an alternative should try.  -M

-I went to the chiropractor three times for pain/range of motion issues with my shoulder, one of them told me I had bursitis and needed to do all sorts of therapy on it. I decided to try acupuncture instead. I had one session with Jesse at Willow Tree Acupuncture. She did acupuncture and cupping on the affected areas and by the time I left my appointment my range of motion was almost 100% normal and my pain was basically gone. I highly recommend Jesse @ Willow Tree for any issues you may have! -W

-Thank You! I LOVE acupuncture! I recommend it for any thing that you are suffering from. Jessica is a beautiful person, inside and out. -C

-S is doing so well with the acupuncture calming his lightheaded feelings that he has actually been doing things on the honey do list! He has not even wanted to do these little jobs and we have been relying on K to help us. Today he felt so good, we were able to trim the doors on the bedrooms upstairs so they would close! They haven't closed since August of last year when we had the new carpet installed. Thank you Jesse at Willow Tree Acupuncture for helping S get back to a more normal life. He still can't do everything, but just wanting to do these things is the best!

- I had fallen on ice in December 2010. I hurt by left hip really bad and nothing I did was helping it.  Then, last November I got one of these Deal Chicken coupons and when I walked out of Willow Tree Acupuncture my pain was completely gone and has not come back. I HIGHLY recommend you give it a try. (It's really good for anyone who sits at a computer a lot.)

-A HUGE Thank You to Jesse at Willow Tree Acupuncture!!! My back was in major spasm mode from a flare up (due to shoveling heavy wet Spring snow) of an old back injury. My chiropractor was out of town and Jesse came to my rescue BIG TIME!!! She helped me feel so much better! I will be seeing her for round two after my Chiro visit today! Thanks so much for your amazing skills and loving attitude Jesse!!! -A

-Love these needles in my shoulder and leg= No pain!! Can I keep them in forever?? -T
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